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Dear June Grads of the Class of 2020,


If the courses you finished this trimester will complete your graduation requirements, congratulations!

This spring is a time we know you and your families have been anticipating for many years. Simultaneously, we are fully aware that our actions to prevent COVID-19 spread have caused a disruption in this special trimester as well as anxiety and concern. We are proud of the graduating class to have navigated these rough waters to remain focused on a strong finish to your studies and experience at ICU.


The ICU Alumni Association is here to continue to support your post-ICU careers and provide a wide variety of benefits to our alumni. You may recall us reaching out when you first arrived at ICU to ask for your support to the ICU Alumni Association by providing your lifetime membership fee. This lifetime membership allows the ICU Alumni Association to continue to provide all of our alumni with benefits that you can take advantage of as you navigate through your future.


The benefits include,

  • Alumni Networking – Keep in touch with classmates and friends via the association. Just contact us via email, if you are trying to connect with someone.
  • ICU Alumni “WELBOX” – The premier savings portal powered by EWEL, Inc. enables us to offer you specially curated deals on an expanded variety of entertainment, gourmet restaurants, continued learning programs, or just simply on pleasing your shopping spree. (https://www.icualumni.com/to_alumni/welbox/)
  • Global ICU Alumni Chapters – Participate in activities with fellow ICU grads through our global network of ICU alumni chapters that host events worldwide.(https://www.icualumni.com/chapters/)
  • Reunions – When it’s time for your reunion, the ICU Alumni Association can help provide contacts to help support your reunion planning process. Even take advantage of the beautifully furnished Alumni Lounge at ICU Alumni House to reunite with your classmates.
  • Your “alm.icu.ac.jp” email address – An @alm.icu.ac.jp Google email account is available for all ICU alumni. It comes with your own email and calendar features using the Google Apps for Education service. Stay connected online with the ICU domain to let them know that you are proud ICU grad. (https://www.icualumni.com/to_alumni/mailservice/)
  • Bi-annual newsletter – No matter where you decide to continue on with your career, just keep us update-to-date on your contact and address and we will provide you with a copy of the ICU Alumni News, twice a year. The Alumni News covers the latest on ICU, and interviews on fellow graduates, current students, and faculty to fill you in on what you may have missed.


The ICU Alumni Association operates on your membership to provide all of our graduates with a lifelong connection to the school and the entire global ICU community.


If you have not already applied for your membership, please:

  1. Locate the application slip on your copy of the Alumni News; or
  2. Contact us at aaoffice@icualumni.com and we will gladly provide you with an application

When in doubt, reach out to us and we are always here to provide our alumni with the support you need.


It is our utmost wish that you remain connected with your advisers, your friends, your classmates, and the entire ICU community. We are always here at the ICU Alumni Association to help provide those lifelong connections you have established through your time here on campus – including this final trimester.


Congratulations to the graduating Class of 2020. You are “ICU for Life”.







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◆年2回のAlumni Newsの発行◆



在学中にお使いのメールアドレス(@icu.ac.jp )は6月末日まで有効ですが、それ以降はご利用になれませんのでご注意ください。