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What is ICU Alumni Association?

The ICU Alumni Association is a body consists of ICU graduates, current students and faculty. The association’s primary objectives are;

  1. To develop and strengthen ties between alumni
  2. To promote the best interest of ICU
  3. To cultivate international exchange

Alumni Association Membership

There are four types of members (approximately 25,000 members, as of April, 2018)

  • Formal members: graduates of College of Liberal Arts and Graduate school. (One Year Regular or Kenkyusei is eligible for formal member with the approval the board.)
  • Associate members: current students
  • Special members: present or former faculty and staff (including part-time)
  • Honorary members: anyone who contributed to ICU or the Alumni Association (with the approval the board)

Anyone attended College of Liberal Arts or Graduate school who wish to become a member is eligible for a formal member with the approval of the board and payment of full membership.  For details please inquire at the AA office.

Membership Fees

The activities of the Alumni Association are operated with the membership payments. If you have not completed the payment, please do so at your earliest conveniences. Since 1990 the membership is suggested to be paid upon entering the university.  A student receives benefits as an associate member and become a formal member upon graduation.


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