Alumni Chapters

ICU Alumni Association has various kinds of chapters based on regions, interests, professions, clubs, dormitories, and so forth.  The activities of the chapters are operated independently by volunteers.  Each chapter has its own official E-mail address provided by the Alumni Association and an association member is welcomed to contact a chapter directly for participation, asking or sharing information.
For contact address, please replace (a) to @.

List of chapters

1. Regional Chapters inside Japan
2. Regional Chapters outside Japan
3. Interest/Profession/Affiliation Based Chapters
4. Club/Circle/Dormitory Based Chapters

1. Regional Chapters inside Japan

Hokkaido Chapter

Contact: hokkaido-chapter(a)

Tohoku Chapter

Contact: tohoku-chapter(a)

Tochigi Chapter

Contact: tochigi-chapter(a)

Hokuriku Chapter

Contact: hokuriku-chapter(a)

Tokai Chapter

Contact: tokai-chapter(a)

Kansai Chapter

Contact: kansai-chapter(a)

Hiroshima Chapter

Contact: hiroshima-chapter(a)

Tokushima Chapter

Contact: tokushima-chapter(a)

Kagawa Chapter


Kyushu-Yamaguchi Chapter

Contact: kyushu-chapter(a)

Okinawa Chapter

Contact: okinawa-chapter(a)

Mitaka Chapter

Contact: mitaka-chapter(a)


2. Regional Chapters outside Japan

India Chapter

Contact: india-chapter(a)

Indonesia Chapter

Contact: indonesia-chapter(a)

Singapore Chapter

Contact: singapore-chapter(a)

Thailand Chapter

Contact: thailand-chapter(a)

Philippines Chapter

Out of service.  Please contact the Alumni Association Office
Contact: aaoffice(a)

Taiwan Chapter


Shanghai Chapter

Contact: shanghai-chapter(a)

Hong Kong Chapter

Contact: hk-chapter(a)

Chicago Chapter

Contact: chicago-chapter(a)

New York Chapter

Contact: ny-chapter(a)

Hawaii Chapter

Contact: hawaii-chapter(a)

Boston Chapter


Washington D.C. Chapter

Contact: washingtondc-chapter(a)

Northern California Chapter

Contact: northerncalifornia-chapter(a)

Southern California Chapter

Contact: southerncalifornia-chapter(a)

UK Chapter

Contact: uk-chapter(a)

Denmark Chapter

Contact: denmark-chapter(a)

Germany-Switzerland Chapter

Contact: germany-swiss-chapter(a)

Paris Chapter

Contact: paris-chapter(a)

3. Interest/Profession/Affiliation Based Chapters

Financial ICU Chapter

(Providing a place for exchanges for alumni in the financial industry, also planning and implementing support for ICU and its students.)
Contact: financial-chapter(a)

ICU Brothers and Sisters Chapter

(Former members of the ICU Brothers and Sisters together with current students exchange and share information.)
Contact: ibs-chapter(a)

ICUICU Chapter

(A network of graduates of ICU and ICUHS who are involved or interested in international cooperation.)
Contact: icuicu-chapter(a)

ICU Sports Officials Chapter

(A network of people involved in sports in various ways such as occupation, social activities, and support for clubs.)
Contact: icu-sports-chapter(a)

ICU Literacy Seminary Chapter

(A network of former members of the seminar of international cooperation in education under the guidance of Prof. Akihiro Chiba.)
Contact: liteken-chapter(a)

ICU Medical Personnel Chapter

Contact: iryokankei-chapter(a)

ICU Women’s Network Chapter

(A network of people who are connected with the Facebook “ICU Women’s Network”)
Contact: icujoshikai-chapter(a)

ICU Educational Seminar Chapter

(Mainly consisting of participants of a voluntary seminar for ICU students who want to become teachers and those who are interested in education)
Contact: kyouiku-seminar-chapter(a)

J.P.Morgan Chapter

Contact: j.p.morgan-chapter(a)

L.A. Chapter

(For those who used to live, work or study at L.A. and returned to Japan)
Contact: los-angeles-kai-chapter(a)

Peace Bell Scholar Chapter

Contact: peacebell-chapter(a)

Shining60’s Chapter

(A place for exchanges for alumni who attended ICU in the 1960s.)
Contact: shining60s-chapter(a)

Marunouchi Style Chapter

(Providing opportunities for alumni to casually connect with each other around Marunouchi / central Tokyo as well as online.)
Contact: marunouchistyle-chapter(a)

Christian Missionary Chapter

(Inviting people who works in “C”-related fields, such as church ministers, theologians, and those who work in Christian schools and welfare facilities.)
Contact: icudendokenshinsha-chapter(a)

Regional Revitalization Chapter

(This is a study group for alumni and students who are interested or involved in regional revitalization. We will engage in information exchange that values the perspectives of ICU students.)
Contact: sousei-chapter(a)

4. Club/Circle/Dormitory Based Chapters

The Weekly Giants Chapter

Contact: wg-chapter(a)

Canada House Chapter

Contact: canadahouse-chapter(a)

Soccer Club Chapter

Contact: soccer-chapter(a)

Tennis Circle PAPOOSE Chapter

Contact: papoose-chapter(a)

Tennis Club Chapter

Contact: tennis-chapter(a)

Flying Disc Chapter

Contact: flyingdisc-chapter(a)

Rugby Club Chapter

Contact: rugby-chapter(a)

ICU Science Club Chapter

Contact: scienceclub-chapter(a)

Sangakukai (Mountains and Nature) Chapter

Contact: sangaku-kai-chapter(a)

Gentokukai (Karate Club) Chapter

Contact: karate-chapter(a)

The Second Men’s Dorm Chapter

Contact: 2md-chapter(a)

Art Club Chapter

Contact: bijutsubu-chapter(a)

Baseball Club Chapter

Contact: baseball-chapter(a)