As a Japanese language teacher in Hawaii and beyond

ICU Online Alumni House #15 ー Catching Up with Kaz #2 (和子の部屋 第2回)

This will be the second episode of the newly launched “Catching up with Kaz” series.

Kazuko Ishihra Love, an ICU alumna who is based in Hawaii, will host the event and share her guests’ life stories.

Our guest this time is Ms. Naomi Hirano-Omizo. After graduating from the University of Hawaii, she studied at ICU for two years as a Kenkyusei and then worked as a Japanese language teacher at Punahou School in Honolulu, President Obama’s alma mater, for many years. During that time, and up to the present, her various experiences have led her to work for world peace.

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新しく始まったシリーズ “Catching up with Kaz” は今回で2回目となります。

ハワイを拠点として活躍しているICU同窓生のKazuko Ishihra Loveさんが、聞き役となり、ゲストのライフストーリーを伺います。今回のゲストはNaomi Hirano-Omizo さん。日系アメリカ人3世で、日本語や日本文化に深い興味を持ち、ハワイ大学卒業後、研究生として2年間ICUに留学。後、オバマ大統領の母校でもあるホノルル市のプナホウ校で、長年日本語教師を務められました。その間、そして現在に至るまでの様々な体験が、世界平和につながる活動へと繋がっていきます。その全てを語っていただきます。

This interview will be done in English.


3月11(土) 9:30~11:00(JST)

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Meeting ID: 818 1357 2218

Passcode: 557277


Naomi Hirano-Omizo, third generation of Japanese decent.

Paternal grandparents immigrated from Shizuoka-ken, Japan. Maternal grandfather immigrated from Hiroshima-ken, while maternal grandmother was born and raised in Maui, Hawaii.

As a Japanese-American, she was always interested in Japan. Particularly, its language and culture, which lead her to ICU. After her studies at ICU and her stay in Japan, she moved back to Hawaii. Ever since then, she has devoted herself to the Japanese language education and its related matters in Hawaii. Currently, while being the primary care taker of her aging mother, she is active in various global peace activities in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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