UK Soho Drinks & Dinnerのご案内(7月25日)

“The ICU Alumni Association UK Soho Drinks and Dinner – Summer 2013”
Date : Thursday 25th July 2013
Drinks: 18:00 – 20:00  “The Captain’s Cabin” pub – www.fancyapint.com/pubs/pub1233.php
       *** A section on the first floor is booked for ICU. ***
               4-7 Norris Street, London SW1Y 4RJ
              ( Corner of Norris St and St Alban’s St behind MITSUKOSHI)  
      ( 3 minutes walk from Piccadilly Circus )
              Tel: 020-7930-4767 ( Mervyn & Julie Wood, Managers )
Dinner: 20:15 –     “China City” restaurant – www.chinacitygroup.com
                                  4 Leicester Street, London SW2H 7BL
                                   (Off Leicester Square, behind M&M’s)
                                    Tel: 020-7437-1528
Costs :  At the pub – Buy your own drinks from the bar.
              At the restaurant – £20 to £25 per person.
Please let me know if you are coming to the drinks and/or dinner.  If you cannot make it toeither the drinks or the dinner this time, let me hear from you anyway so I know you receivedmy email.  I will send you another invitation for next gathering.
*****  Please replay to ICUAAUK Soho Drinks Summer 2013  (Don’t use Reply button.)  *****
As always, please encourage the alumni members around you to come along.Looking forward to seeing you all at the Drinks.
Best wishes,
Kiyohiko Tanaka (14)
 email: uk-chapter@icualumni.com
↓ ICU Soho Drinks New Year 2013 at “Captain’s Cabin” pub  ↓

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