JICUF Grants to ICU Alumni

The Japan ICU Foundation (JICUF) has been offering grants to ICU students and faculty since 2016. The program was suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic, but during this time, we evaluated it and made some changes. One major change we made was to enable ICU alumni to apply for funding for projects that involve ICU students and/or faculty.
JICUF's mission is to "work with ICU to nurture global citizens who contribute to the well-being of humanity." As one way to achieve our mission, we will focus on programs that advance sustainability, DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion), and peacebuilding. We believe many alumni will have project ideas related to these three themes.

Applications will be reviewed three times a year. All alumni with degrees from ICU's College of Liberal Arts and/or Graduate School are eligible. For details, please visit our website. The first application cycle is from August 30 to October 1, 2021.  
JICUF Associate Director, Aki TAKADA

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