【Friends of ICU】「献学70周年記念 募金キャンペーン」のご案内(6月15日~7月14日) Friends of ICU 70th anniversary Fundraising Campaign for ICU Founders’ Day (June 15 to July 14)

対象使途はPay Forward基金。
平和を願う学生が世界中からICUに集えるよう、奨学金拡充のためのPay Forward基金への皆様のご支援をお願い申し上げます。


竹内弘高理事長からのPay Forward基金に寄せる思いについて、メッセージ動画も是非ご覧ください。

Pay Forward基金

This year, ICU celebrates its 70th anniversary. We would like to hold a fundraising campaign to commemorate ICU Founder’s Day on June 15.
Use of the Donations:Limited to the Pay Forward Fund

We would be most grateful if you would join us and support to expand ICU scholarships. Pay Forward Fund epitomizes our hope that students seeking peace from all over the world and will study at ICU.

Message from Hirotaka Takeuchi, the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Pay Forward Fund


国際基督教大学 アドヴァンスメント・オフィス  foi[at]

Advancement Office, International Christian University  fo[at]