Looking for a student from the Class of ‘97(Ged O’Connell)

My name is Ged O’Connell and I have been a teacher in the ELP/ELA since 1992. I am trying to find a student from the Class of ’97, from either Program A or B. 

I gave an NP lecture in February, 1994 about the right to die in which I discussed the case of my daughter, Megumi. After the lecture a student placed a letter on the front desk in N220. I didn’t see the student, and the letter wasn’t signed so I don’t even know if it is a woman or a man. However, the person talked about his/her ”little brother” who had cancer and who had recently died.  The letter meant a lot to me at the time and has become more significant now, so I would like to contact this person.

 If you are the person I am describing, and you are willing to contact me, please email me at .  If you know this person, could you please contact them and make them aware of the situation. He/she can then decide to contact me if they want to.

 Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

Ged  O’Connell