ICU Spirit Project (Feb. 13) by ICU Brothers and Sisters (IBS)

Dear Alumni members

Thank you for your patronage.

We are IBS (International Christian University (ICU) Brothers and Sisters),a peer advising group, at ICU.

We are currently planning a project called the “ICU Spirit Project”. We seek to discuss the “Essence of the ICU Spirit”, commonalities shared amongst the ICU family. We hope to engage in a discourse with the professors, students and alumni members.

Within the landscape of increased globalization of universities, ICU has recently celebrated 60th anniversary. The ICU community is facing some great transformations, in 2009 ICU shifted to the major/minor system, and in 2015 the Second Men’s Dormitory was demolished. Although, currently society is different from the time that ICU was first established, common attributes within the university can still be recognized.

Due to the changing times, we would like to provide an opportunity to dialogue about “The reflections of daily life as a professor or student at the university”. Additionally, we would like the graduates to share “Thoughts and feelings while attending ICU, as well as expectations for the current students and university”.  The inspiration for this project comes from our own IBS daily workshops, where we had many opportunities to learn about ICU history and the fundamental of the ICU mission. Thus we planed the project.


We think that the students, professors, and alumnus who attend to this event, take this opportunity to reconsideration you are the member of ICU family and to burn your “ICU Spirit” again in your field.



[ICU Spirit Project]

Time: February 13th, 2016 (Saturday) 13:00-17:00

Location: ICU Conference Room @ Dialogue House 2nd floor

Target: Current Students, Alumnus, and Professors of ICU


   1: Opening

   2: Think about what is “ICU Spirit.”

       2-1: Panel Discussion1- War×Peace×ICU

       2-2: Panel Discussion2- Pioneer×ICU

   3: Represent “ICU Spirit” by your words

   4: Make an action plan to burn your ICU Spirit

   5: Ending


I know you’ve been very busy, but we are hoping your participation to this event.

We look forward to meeting you.


please click the link below to register for this event

Details : ICU Spirit Project イベント概要20151218  (Japanese/English)