夏の一日、同窓生が一堂に(7月2日) ICU alumni came back to campus







写真:鈴木 律(23期)


ICU alumni came back to campus

On beautiful Saturday afternoon of July 2, the board meeting of the ICU Alumni Association 2016 was held in Togasaki Memorial Dialogue House.

The president of the Alumni Association Jun Kigoshi asked for their cooperation based on three policies as follows; “Fun of gathering,” “Being depended,” “Tough advisor when needed”

Following a series of reports including financial statements and activities of alumni branches, two graduates on Peace Bell Scholarship and the winners of Dream Competition were introduced as special guests to the meeting. Each representative delivered short speeches, expressing their thanks for the warm supports provided through the scholarship and the competition.  An alumni member also joined the meeting from Onagawa, Miyagi Pref. through Skype.

After the meeting, Mr. Kigoshi himself conducted a campus tour. (At the same time,  a library tour was organized by the vice president Junji Sakurai). Mr. Kigoshi led to old/new dormitories, Taizanso tea house, and the library.

The goal of the campus tour was the Alumni House, where members got associated with each other at the ‘kick-off’ of 2016 ICUAA over good food and drinks.  Some guests from the university also joined, including the chief of board of trustees Kakutaro Kitashiro and president of ICU Junko Hibiya. “When you achieve something remarkable in your work, please do not forget to represent yourself (to the media) that you are ‘a graduate of ICU’,” said Mr. Kitashiro, suggesting the alumni to ‘publicize’ themselves.  “We had a summer graduation just a few days ago, and I gave words to new grads, asking them to feedback what you learned and earned during your life at ICU,” said Ms. Hibiya.

The party covered a wide array of generations, from the very 1st graduate to the sophomore student.  Toward the closing, a raffle began for free alumni items such as original wine added to the fun. Fun time just flies, and the 2-hour gathering closed by singing the ICU song.

Article, Toshio Shinmura (CLA 27th  ID'83)
Photo, Ritsu Suzuki(CLA 23rd ID'79)