出版『Dalian in Spring / 大连之春 / 大連之春 / 大連の春 – an eBook in Four Written Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese』(三上吉彦 8期)

Publication: "Dalian in Spring / 大连之春 / 大連之春 / 大連の春", an eBook in Four Written Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese

Author: Yoshi Z. Mikami / 三上吉彦 (8th Class of ICU)
Publisher: Asia Information Network
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Pub. Date: June 4, 2017

This is an eBook (Kindle version) of the enlarged edition of "Spring in Dalian / 大连之春 / 大連の春" in Three Written Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese (published in 2013)
Having been added are eighteen episodes (trips to China's Xinjiang Uyghur Region, Yanbian Korean Chinese Region, Austria/Croatia, Israel, etc.) as well as the Traditional Chinese book.

これは3年前に出版した英中日本語三か国語の書籍『Spring in Dalian / 大连之春 / 大連の春』
の増補版電子ブック『Dalian in Spring / 大连之春 / 大連之春 / 大連の春』で、上記の各国アマゾン(Kindle版)で入手できます。増補版では18のエピソード(イスラエル巡礼記など)が追加され、全体に英文・中文(簡体字、中国大陸用)・中文(繁体字、台湾・香港・華僑用)・日本語四か国語の記述が入っています。

In English / Japanese:
Summary 要約:
The author of this book has presented his life story: poems, autobiography, work in the computer business, contribution to China's IT outsourcing industry and travels within and outside of China. He hopes that his story will be helpful to those who work with China as well as to those younger Chinese people who work with the people outside.

Contents / 目次:
Introduction / はじめに
I. Epic Poems / 叙事詩
II. The Precocious Autobiography / 早過ぎる自伝
III. What I Like and Life's More Important Matters / ホビーと人生で重要な事柄
IV. Higher Education in Japan, U.S. and China / 日本、米国、中国の大学教育
V. Working in the IT Industry / IT産業で働く
VI. Supporting China's IT Outsourcing Industry / 中国のIT外注産業をサポート
VII. Living in Dalian, China / 中国大連に住む
VIII. Life in Northeast China / 中国東北地区の生活
XI. Visiting Other Areas of China / 中国のその他地域を訪問
X. Lyric Poems / 抒情詩
XI. Here and There in This World / 世界をあちらこちら
Conclusion / まとめ
Key Words with Chinese and Japanese Translations / 英語キーワードと中国語・日本語訳

In Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese:
摘要 / 摘要:


目录 /
序 / 序
一、叙事诗 / 敘事詩
二、为时尚早的自传 / 為時尚早的自傳
三、爱好和生活上重要的活动 / 愛好和生活上重要的活動
四、日本、美国和中国的大学教育 / 日本、美國和中國的大學教育
五、在IT产业工作 / 在IT產業工作
六、支持中国的IT外包产业 / 支持中國的IT外包產業
七、住在中国大连 / 住在中國大連
八、在中国东北的生活 / 在中國東北的生活
九、访问中国其他地方 / 訪問中國其他地方
十、抒情诗 / 抒情詩
十一、周游世界各地 / 周遊世界各地
跋 / 跋
英语关键词和中日译文 / 英文關鍵詞和中日譯文