Membership Fee

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All our operations and activities are funded by the members’ life membership and donations.  Your cooperation is essential for us to function to help you maintain a lifelong network and to keep the level of other services.  Students join the Alumni Association as associate members when they enter ICU and become formal members upon graduation.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Membership Fees

  • Life Membership Fee: JPY 50,000 ー JPY 5,000 for one-year-regular students and kenkyu-sei. (Please contact the Office.)
  • 20th Anniversary Membership Fee: JPY 10,000 - Please donate this fee if 20 years have passed since graduation.
  • NOTE
    • Please contact the Office if you need to confirm whether you have paid your membership fee.
    • Membership fee is not refundable.

Postal Transfer

Please fill in your name (student’s) and student ID, address, phone number in a postal transfer slip provided at a post office , and make a transaction at any nearby post office (either at a window or ATM.)

  • Account number / 00140-1-60765
  • Account holder / International Christian University Alumni Association
  1. The transaction fee will apply.
  2. Please keep the receipt as a proof of the payment.

Bank Transfer

Please print student ID and student’s name as the sender and transfer to the following account.

  • BANK / Mitsubishi-UFJ Bank, Mitaka branch (branch code 222)
  • Account number /1320576 (Regular account)
  • Account holder / 国際基督教大学同窓会 松島眞理
  1. The transaction fee will apply.
  2. Please make sure to put your student ID before your name for identification.
  3. When prior to admission, please add “000000” instead of Student ID before your name.

Payment at ICUAA Office

  • Please feel free to contact the Alumni Association Office for any reason.