At the Southern California Chapter of the ICU Alumni Association, we have approximately 100 members who include a wide range of generations from the 1st graduates to current students who are studying in Southern California through exchange programs. We also have members who were OYR, September students, and even ICU High School graduates. We welcome everyone who has attended ICU, including their families, and friends!

 Our annual events are a reunion luncheon (around May or June), an exchange students welcome party/picnic (in Oct.), and a Career Planning O-Enkai gathering (in Jan.). Other ad hoc events hosted by the Chapter in the past are: MLB game (Angeles/Dodgers), concerts, museum visits, hiking, a tea party with Untold Stories of ICU History by our President Yash Owada, and others. Please check our Facebook group page periodically for upcoming events, photos of past events, and other updates.

(プライベートグループですのでリクエストをお送りください。Please send a request too join the group as it is set as a Private Group.)


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