For New Students

Welcome to ICU Alumni Association (ICUAA).


The Association’s primary focus is to help you build a relationship with alumni, support your campus life, and provide you with opportunities for international cultural exchange. You are now part of our community as an associate member for ICUAA.

  1. Activities and services for students
  2. Alumni Association
  3. 【Important!】About Membership Fees

Activities and Services for Students

Career Meetup

We offer opportunities to introduce alumni in diverse professions, for advice about career, and life plan.


Student-Alumni Meetup “Mirai-yoso-zoo”

We provide students of the first and second year with opportunities to interact and build a relationship with alumni from various fields to help enrich their campus life and visualize their future.


Open Lectures

The Alumni Association provides open lecture series such as “Liberal Arts Open Lectures” and “DAY (Distinguished Alumni of the Year) Talk”.  Students are most welcome to those lectures.

About us

【Important】Membership Fees

Membership dues fund all of the Association’s activities. Students join the AA as associate members when they enter ICU and become formal members upon graduation. You are encouraged to pay the life membership fee upon entering so that you can fully enjoy the benefit.

Ways to Pay

Residents in Japan – Postal Office Transfer and Bank Tansfer

  • Use a provided transaction form.No transaction fee will be applied for transactions from post offices using this form.If you do not have the transaction form, please make a request by e-mail.
  • Request for a transaction form : e-mail to  aaoffice[@]
  • For details:

Residents out of Japan

  • Write to us and we will send you instructions by e-mail.
  • Request for information for transaction > aaoffice[@]