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  1. Eligibility
  2. Fee
  3. Open Hours
  4. Capacities
  5. Facilities and equipment
  6. Catering
  7. How to apply
  8. Cancellation
  9. Things you should remember to use the lounge



  • Alumni (Formal Members) who have paid Life membership
  • Current students (Associate members) who have paid Life membership
  • University faculty and Honorary members
  • Non-members who used ICU church for the wedding ceremonies (wedding parties only).


10% discount for a FOI(Friends of ICU) card holder.
In detail, >

Wedding parties

  • Either bride or groom is a formal member:  ¥100,000 /8hrs. extended hours ¥15,000 /hr.
  • Family member or party organizer is a formal member:  ¥150,000/8hrs. extended hours ¥20,000/hr.
  • Family member or party organizer is a formal member:  ¥150,000/8hrs. extended hours ¥20,000/hr.

Formal member (alumni)

  • Alumni gatherings (weekends) ¥10,000/3hrs.  extended hours ¥3,000/hr.
  • Alumni gatherings (weekdays) ¥2,000/hr
  • Other gatherings  ¥50,000/3hrs. extended hours ¥15,000/hr.

Associate members (current students)

  • ¥1,000/hr..

Open Hours

  • 10:00~19:00
  • Closed during official closing period in summer and winter
  • Alumni Office is open between 10:00-12:00、13:00-17:00 on weekdays.
  • Making appointment is recommended if you would like to see the lounge prior to application.


  • 150 m2
  • 80 people approximately (buffet style).

Facilities and equipment

  • Kitchenet with counter and stoves (induction heated)
  • Small refrigerator
  • Plates, cups, glasses, cutleries
  • Microphone (1 wireless, 1 wired)
  • Screen for projector (projector is NOT available)
  • CD, MIDI player (USB connectable)
  • Universal bathroom (1st floor)
  • Collapsible desks and stacking chairs
  • Coat hungers
  • Upright piano.


  • We recommend that you use the university cafeteria (operated by Tokyo Catering Company; phone 080-3117-3203) for catering services.
  • If you prefer to use outside caterer, please consult with the alumni office in advance.

How to apply

Reservation Form

1 Tentative Reservation

  • Please submit the application web form to the alumni office.
  • Class gathering and wedding can be applied one year prior to the date
  • Other gatherings can be applied 6 months prior to the date
  • Current students can apply one month prior to the date if weekdays, one week prior to the date if weekends and holidays.
  • If the applying date is not office working day, the application is accepted on following date from 10:00. The first day of the opening the reservation, the phone reservation is prioritized.
  • For office working days, please refer to the office calendar.

2 Payment

  • Upon receiving you web form, we will mail or email you an official application form for you to fill in and to send back to us.
  • You are required to make a payment within one month.


  • If the payment was done, it will be used as cancellation fee and the rest will be returned.
  • If the payment cannot be confirmed one month after application, the application may be cancelled.
  • If it is determined that attendance at event is likely to violate the law or public order, or to cause inconvenience to other users, or if it violates the “Terms”, reservation may be refused or cancelled.

Cancellation fee is to be applied as follows:

  • Before 31 days > no fee
  • 30 days to 8 days > 20%
  • 7 days to 1 day  > 50%
  • On the day > 100%.

Things you should remember to use the lounge

Prohibited matters

  • Any use of fire including candles and fuel tablets
  • Smoking
  • Bringing in private furniture or musical instrument (please consult in advance.)
  • Taking out any belongings of the lounge
  • Use of the first floor
  • Any use for the purpose other than stated in the application
  • Bringing in any combustible or harmful materials
  • Any use of fire including candles and fuel tablets
  • Animals excluding guiding dogs and service dogs
  • Bringing anything that cause discomfort to others

Other reminders

  • Use of PA and microphone in rehearsal is NOT allowed during regular office hours (10:00 to 17:00 on weekdays and Saturdays of the first, third, and fifth weeks) and some holidays on which classes are held.
  • No air conditioning is available between the middle of April and the early June, and late September and early November.
  • The reservation hours include set-up and cleaning time.  Any extension is subject to extension fee.  There may be a case that the extension request cannot be accepted due to the following schedule.
  • If any damage to the facility is occurred due to the user, any related group or companies, the repairment is done by the alumni office and the user is responsible for the cost.
  • Current students is required to submit application for assembly to the student affairs office of the university prior to the application.